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Welcome to the Big C Media section. In this part of the Domain you'll find all manner of artistic things, from my favourite audio and visual files, to my own creations, through some very interesting arty links. Hopefully the biggest part of this site will be the pages devoted to my own sound tracks and visual files, the Big C Originals. At the present time though, we have only a selection of the best MIDI and tracked files from around the internet, along with some wave-converted Big C Originals (Cubase refuses to export MIDI properly).
The visual section is going to be big though. We've already got some of my own sketches of the lead character from my book, along with some 3D renderings done in 3DS Max. There are going to be more 3D renderings coming soon. In addition, Asteroid Lil from Asterlil's Digital Artworks has agreed to colour in the sketches I've made (seeing as I can't), so they'll be up at some stage with a credit to her.
In the mean time, take a look around. As always, you can post your comments in the Feedback page.

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