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Audio Files

Please note that though The Big C Domain is up and running, many files will not yet be present on the servers. Be aware therefore that you may not be able to access a lot of the files here until this message is removed. Thankyou.


Sound depends on your waveset.
Capture - (3kb) - A tune from 'Flashback' by Delphine Software.
Clouds - (37kb)
Coolness - (54kb) - Pretty hoopy.
Echoes - (87kb) - Pretty hoopy.
Forest - (6kb) - From 'Super Mario RPG'.
Freezer - (70kb) - Pretty hoopy.
Lenna - (13kb) - From 'Final Fantasy V'.

You'll need either WinAmp or ModPlug to open these.
Aryx - (21kb)
Blue Flame - (342kb)
Drifting Onwards - (270kb)
Pale Dreams - (377kb)
Revealing - (166kb)

Inludes MP3.
Conrad's Capture - (630kb) - The proper version of the tune from 'Flashback', above.
Flashback Title - (1.22mb) - The title music from the same game.
Conrad's Escape - (598kb) - From 'Flashback', the intro sequence.
Memories - (1.66mb) - Conrad has his mind returned to him (the actual Flashback as such).
Death Tower - (610kb) - Conrad wins the Death Tower game show.
Flashback Ending - (3.19mb) - The ending to this superb game.

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy collection - (seperate page)
The 'Marvin the Paranoid Android' collection - (seperate page)

Zipped Files:
Final Fantasy V (MIDI) - (137kb)

Big C Remixes

None as yet. See Wave Remixes.

None as yet.

B-K: The Final Battle Remix - (2.43mb) - A tune from 'Banjo-Kazooie' from Rare, this remix takes the main theme from the Final Battle score and plays around with it.
Conrad's Capture - (263kb) - Based on Capture.mid, a tune from 'Flashback' by Delphine Software. This track was created for MIDI, but wouldn't export properly, so I had to record it to MP3 standards.
Majick Forest - (557kb) - Based on Forest.mid, from 'Super Mario RPG'. Again, this was a MIDI.
Princess Lenna - (506kb) - Based on Lenna.mid, from 'Final Fantasy V'. This used to be a MIDI too.

Big C Originals

None as yet.

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